05 November 2006

Death Row inmate offs self hours before showtime

If I have tickets to see Cher, tickets to Michael Bolton just won't do. You can exchange your tickets for the cancelled execution at the prison box office..

Cocaine PSA

Here's something for you cocaine fans.. Consider it a warning from the friendly government of Columbia..

Knock, knock, knocking on granny's door..

Mormons. Need a say more? There's profanity involved in this heartwarming clip.

Adopt this loving cat

Cats are friendly, peaceful creatures that, like all of us, just want a good home. Perhaps you might be interested in the following animal for adoption..

26 October 2006

Are your dogs tired?

Here's a different take on alternative fuels.. of course the waste products might prove interesting..

Palestinian militants hijack UN ambulance.

The following video was shot by a Reuters correspondent in Southern Gaza May 11, 2006. A UN spokesperson claimed that the driver of the ambulance was pressed into service by the militants. The driver in question did not report the incident until after this video aired. Israel has claimed for many years that the UN and Red Cross are assisting Palestinian militant groups. Whether or not there is active cooperation is irrelevant, the use of humanitarian vehicles to transport armed fighters puts into question the moral position of the Palestinian fight.

24 October 2006

U2 -- With or Without You, live in Boston 2001

One of the best songs ever recorded. This video is live from Boston at a concert in 2001. In light of all of the negativity in the world, a little U2 may be just what we need. Bono has been a continual favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Africa, and for good reason -- he puts his money where his mouth is and is not afraid to put his boots on the ground, even when the cameras aren't rolling. Go visit One, the Campaign to Make Poverty History for more information. U2 and Apple also have released a special edition Project Red ipod to fight AIDS in Africa. Other product manufacturers have followed suit with a whole line of Project Red merchandise.

Enjoy the video!

23 October 2006

Paul Oakenfold's "Southern Sun"

A fairly rare live performance of Paul Oakenfold's trance smash hit, "Southern Sun." This was a featured performance on the Top of the Pops music awards show in the UK.

Poster Children

Too many times, women are fooled by good looks, a helpful demeanor and a charming personality. There is more to character than illusions of success. In this video, see what happens when a girl is blinded by kind words and a charming act..

22 October 2006

French Foreign Legion

This is a facinating look inside the secret world of the French Foreign Legion. Wow!